Wahan Drums Anatolian Cymbals Meinl Percussion

I’ve always tried to tinker with my percussion set-ups, never having been satisfied with regular run-of-the-mill music store products. Finally I’ve found some fine professionals to help me put a unique set together. Check this out:

Willy Wahan built me a custom Tavil rack, below which is a 16″ Wahan bass drum (natural wood finish). Mounted on the rack is a floating 12″ Wahan Tom. I also use a 10″ Wahan snare drum.

Christian Krebs, from Box of Trix, invited me to test their new Anatolian Cymbals and I fell in love straightaway with a 20″ ride (Passion), a 18″ crash (Ultimate), 12″ Power Hi-Hat (Ultimate), and 8″, 10″ and 12″ splashes (Baris), which are part of my set-up now.

Mario Schmitt made it possible for me to receive some fantastic percussion products from Meinl such as the fibreglass IBO drum, Aluminium Dombak, Talking Drum, etc.
Two other unique instruments I discovered, to my good fortune, are the ‘Hang’ made by Felix Rohner and Sabine Schirer at Panart in Bern, and the ‘Pentajon’ by Christoph Franzen at Klangspiel.