Winter 2008/09

I just returned from India about a week ago to minus temperatures and snow chaos in Europe! My flight from Chennai to Paris was delayed, and after I finally arrived in Düsseldorf, I found out that my suitcase went missing! It was delivered a week later. By then I was already in Mannheim rehearsing at the Nationaltheater for further performances of the Barock Opera ‘Alessandro’ (with touches of Bollywood)!
The trip to South India was very rewarding, what with performing two concerts at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Bangalore featuring international musicians; being in the midst of the Chennai Music Festival and having a chance to catch concerts by U.Shrinivas, Ravi Kiran, Palanivel, Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman and many others; taking part in a panel discussion at Brhaddwani; being invited for an interview by the Southern Spice Music TV; spending quality time with my family in Chennai and Bangalore, eating fantastic food and enjoying the terrific weather. All these experiences made my trip really worthwhile! Now I look forward to an early spring with fervent hopes that the financial world will see the futility of greed and that Obama will succeed in spite of politics!